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August 8, 2020
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Seven Lies an Independent escort will tell you

Seven Lies an Independent escort will tell you – A comprehensive account of lies an Independent escort will tell while high lighting herself.

Lies are white lies. No harm lies. Besides lies spoken with no malicious intentions. Additionally, an Independent escort everyday task is to come out clean out of her daily chores. 

The client is more than inquisitive about the Independent escort. Furthermore, Lusting is just a part of the game when the client spends with an Independent escort.

“Furthermore, Independent escorts don’t lie to her conscience. Besides, The client who lies to himself. Additionally, listens to his lie comes to the point that he cannot detect the perfection within himself, or around him. Similarly, losing all honour for himself and others. Lastly, having no esteem, he ceases to love other women other than his wife.”

Seven Lies an Independent escort will tell you

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Suppose an Independent escort does not tell the accuracy about herself. An Independent escort can aways reinvent a new story of herself.

Moreover, A revelation that’s told with evil intention Beats all the inaccuracies an Independent escort fabricates.

None of the lies told by an independent escort has an atrocious purpose. The only intention is to conceal real identity. Besides, The intrusion of privacy by the client blocked by the Independent escort. 

Most of the client’s intrusion in the privacy of the Independent escort is habitual. Besides, chosen very few do not care about the Independent escort real identity. 

An Independent escort conceals her real identification to shield herself. Moreover, her tenure as an Independent escort narrowed to only a specific period. Beyond that, she envies to continue her life as a chaste woman.

Seven Lies an Independent escort will tell you. 

Shocking Seven Lies an Independent escort will tell you –  

  • I am just meeting you here as my first client of the day.

An Independent escort never manifests the number of appointments in a day. Besides, she counts the money rather than the honesty with the client.

  • I am all new here in this escorting world.

No women come with an experience certificate that showcases her experience as an Independent escort. Lastly, all requests for extra money are falsities to make quick money from a lubricious starving gentleman.

  • My real name. Besides, My Number. Lastly, My Home address. 

All the above information about the name mobile number and home address is never real. Besides, women pursuing a job as an Independent escort wishes to reveal her stuff to a stranger or client for that matter.

  • My siblings are suffering. Besides, my parents are in the Hospital. Lastly, I have no Money.

All the drama is just a ploy to create sympathy to lure more money from the client.

  • My sister had an accident. Besides, My mom is in Hospital. Lastly, My Brother felt down.

All these stories will come once the agreed time coming to a closure. Besides, This storytelling is art for Independent escorts to rush for the next appointment.

  • I am just 21 years old. All new to this.

One more painted lie is about the age factor. However, an outcall in the hotel will reveal the real age as the hotel demands government identification for an entry.

  • I am busy at Home. Besides, I am active in the office. Lastly, occupied in work. 

An Independent escort cannot say I am with a client. I will respond only when this gets over. The only lie she can invent at that crucial time is the above.

The intention is never to harm. Besides all lies are white lies to protect herself. Lastly, an Independent escort needs to commiserate with efforts to bring up a family.

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