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August 9, 2020

Why Man cannot confine himself to one woman

Why Man cannot confine himself to one woman 

Why Man cannot confine himself to one woman – Man can never be limited to the world’s choices. Besides, men are born to explore the world.

Moreover, chaste living is never for the male gender. Additionally, male gender never gets crowned for living a righteous life. Furthermore, male gender prides the number of women he had slept.

The number gives delight to man’s ego. Besides, the conquest of a lady love is a crowning victory for any man living his life to the fullest.

Man is a social animal on Prowl.

Man is a social animal. Besides, an unsocial individual naturally. Moreover, not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual.


Male gender cannot live isolated. Additionally, the male gender must complete the precise natural fundamental needs to sustain. Moreover, the male has to enter into a fusion with his acquaintances for continuing life. Male gender can break the handcuffs of interactive interdependence.

The interactive necessity starts with the nucleus and the mother in continuation till his demise.

Dependency for a female gender begins perhaps between the nucleus and the mother. To continues till his last breath. Additionally, the fetus need may be more tangible than cerebral. Besides, the mother’s ness city is all living beings birthright.

The man has no choice other than to depend on women all over his life. His mother dominates the initial part. In the later part, man has an assortment of women to lean over. Besides, Man prefers the latter to have a plenitude of women to shoulder himself.

Nevertheless, lust is just a fraction of his enslavement to women. Although lust seemingly looks higher in his mind thought. Deep inside the craving for women bosoms is the reality of why men Why Man cannot confine himself to one woman.

Remotely the mother’s love keeps flamming inside a man till his death. The reflection of the mothers love is his love towards the female gender.

When a man deprived of mothers, love in his birth, his instincts nature becomes rebellious over women. This fact is proven scientifically. 

Maternal deprivation is described well in Wikipedia for references. 

Moreover, the truth of mothers love can never get replaced by other women is the reality of Why Man cannot confine himself to one woman.

Why Man cannot confine himself to one woman

  • Womanizing is an addition with no cure.

The only cure is Family love and affection for addicted men.

  • The hunt for more women is a never-ending story for man.

Men are always on a hunt for power.

  • Very few men are loyal to one woman.

Very few men speak the truth!

  • The longevity of marriage is the blame game in man apostasy.

Men’s boredom towards the same women is truth.

  • The nature of men to subdue the women in his dependency.

Nature of a man is to enslave women in his dependency.

  • The power of money lures men towards pleasure.

The real pleasure lies elsewhere. Nevertheless, this site is not appropriate for a discussion on ethics.

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