Career - Female escort Jobs

A career as a female escort is for aspiring women craving quick money. Nevertheless, money matters less when the safety and confidentiality of the lady concerned.

Gfe Bangalore offers a Career as Female escort Jobs for aspiring women seeking quick and easy money. Besides, women get assured of their safety and privacy.

More women are consciously calculating of being unchaste. Besides, Living a life of chaste had done no good in this short-lived world.

There are two types of women opting for a Career as female escort Jobs.

  • Women are financially crippled.

Lady seeking a quick remedy out of the crisis in her life.

  • Women seeking quick money.

Fun Loving women seeking fast money.

Gfe Bangalore had never seen in a decade any women pursuing this career for pleasure. Besides, Women in nature are orthodox. Conservative living is the way of living for women anywhere in the world. Modern civilisation had never changed the life of women. Lastly, Women are born to be celibate in living. Lewd living applies to the male gender.

Gfe Bangalore Invites women craving for a quick part-time job as female. Escorts. Housewife invited to take this opportunity to earn fast money. Students seeking pocket money can take this escorting job with surety and confidentiality assured. Working professionals can take on this female escort Jobs on the weekends.

Gfe Bangalore deals with scores of women whose real Identity concealed.

Besides, any women recruited as a female escort is in her own will to quit the job at any time.

Career – Female escort Jobs

Typical questions a lady has before deciding on the thought of female escorts. 

  • How much can I earn as a female escort?

It depends on how much spare time you may have to dedicate to this job.

Any Gfe Bangalore escort earns not less than INR one lac per month.

  • What is the assurance of concealing my real Identity?

Gfe Bangalore pledges in the secrecy of the lady. 

  • Is there is a bond for my tenure as a Female escort? 

The lady can quit on the first day of employment.No worries.

With Blessing, the lady gets sent off.

  • Can I choose my clients?

The lady is at her own will to reject any client. No questions asked for whatsoever reasons.

  • Will the client forces on unprotected sex?

The clientele at Gfe Bangalore are well screened and well mannered. Nevertheless, Gfe Bangalore escorts refuse any requests for unprotected sex.

  • Drinking and smoking with clients 

We strictly advise the lady to avoid any drugs or drinking with clients. Nevertheless, social drinking is what most of the Gfe escorts adhere to the patrons.

Gfe Bangalore invites women for discussion face to face for better clarity. Besides, we assure no Cast Couching happens in Gfe Bangalore.

The mushrooming Escorts agency is just behind fast bucks rather than the client satisfaction and the women fulfilment. Moreover, both the ends need to be mutually satisfied. Finally, the client and the women are on good terms once the rendezvous meeting is over. 

Career - Female escort Jobs

The Job Description for Female escort Jobs 

We invite applications for women above 21 and below 50 years of old. 

Basic requirements 

  • English is a must. Spoken and written skills.

Spoken and written is a must since the clients mostly are Non-Resident Indians.

  • The local language is an additional advantage.
  • We require zero experienced women only as applicants.

Experienced women in the field of escorting never recruited in Gfe Bangalore.

  • Well adaptable to high-end Five-star hotels is an added qualification.
  • Maintaining an updated portfolio of good pictures.
  • Additionally, Work closely with hair and clothing stylists, makeup artists, to produce the desired look for a connoisseur.
  • Moreover, Travel to meet potential clients in outcalls in five-star hotels or the homes of clients.
  • Willingness to be a travel companion for the high-class debonair.
  • Following qualified health and robustness regimens to maintain well-defined physical features by industry standards.
  • A well-maintained physical appearance.
  • Besides, Work irregular hours.
  • Good affirmative skills.
  • Excellent physical stamina.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Lastly, Effective communication skills.

If this suits, you can be connected on Text Whatsapp at +91 80956 50014 to move forward.