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It had never occurred in my worst nightmare I will be a female escort.

Fate had ill fatedly doomed me to sleep with strangers. Nevertheless, the reality of sleeping with men is a daily occurrence nowadays.

I never take my life for anything I aspired in this short-lived life. Not me for that matter. Besides, No compromise for the standard of living my family deserves. Moreover, Chasity living can never be a book of the law to me either.

Orthodox beliefs are in deaf ears to me. Furthermore, No preacher can nail me down with his oracles. As a woman, I had faced a situation. A financial struggle.

My worst fight to come out of this had gone in vain. Lastly, my only way out is sleeping with strangers. 

The day of women is awakening her conscience. Man is born to dupe women. Furthermore, Men had never been a point of trustworthiness.

My misery the cause of the man I trusted. He got addicted to womanizing and alcohol, besides exhausting my time and my hard-earned money. He lived a life he aspired. Finally, He was leaving me on the road at the end of the day.

Nevertheless had said my story in brief for the readers to understand my misery. However, never do I want a sense of pity from anyone reading this.

What makes Gfe Bangalore the most sort after Bangalore escorts agency

I am born a queen.

Furthermore, Learnt chaste in life.

Music of my life was virtuous living.

Besides, nudity was only in the bathrooms.

Never in my life, I had Imagined showcasing my nudity to strangers.

Moreover, Now my daily life is to remove my dress in front of strangers.

It is just part of my daily routine now.

I careless nowadays as money is coming to feed my siblings.